Nick Collins is a creative entrepreneur, a designer at heart, passionate about design, love new Ideas, creative thinking and this is my website Artwork Online.

What I am doing today

In 2017 I have gone back to web design and SEO running a small design agency called Web Design Newcastle. Design and building website in WordPress or HTML5, SEO and Social Media services.

Early days of Internet

When it comes to the internet, I was in there from the very early days which led us to set up Zebra and Domaincheck back in 1995, 22 years in Internet Design Industry. We are the oldest web company in Newcastle, and in those days we offered web design, hosting and SEO, but today we run under Domaincheck.

Domaincheck is a British Domain Registrar providing domain names, web hosting, email hosting, cloud vps and SSL certificates.

We are one founding member’s of Nominet, member 31, Nominet was founded by Dr Willie Black in 1996, before that it was the “Naming Committee”.

Back in 1995, we went on to work on some of the UK’s biggest website projects at the time, we always offer domain names registration, web hosting and email hosting

Networking in the North East of England

I pride myself on being a committed and powerful networker and am constantly looking to work in partnership with other firms across the North East region and Nationally for mutual benefit.

I like to think I offer a friendly face with a creative heart, and my bulging contacts book is always open in return for a decent cup of tea!

A designer at heart, passionate about design and creative thinker.

I am a door opener, a professional business prospector, and I believe in referrals and collaboration so we all help each to achieve shared goals in business.

Love to network with people, met new people, meet with old business friends.

Nick Collins

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