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Artwork Online has been created by Nick Collins, originally a fashion textile designer who studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. I have a passion for art, lots different mediums, watercolours, oils, acrylics, chalks, paint, colours, photography, I  love the effect wet paper and colour have, mixing and blending of colours.

Artwork Online Creativity

Creativity is not something natural to everyone. Art is a creation of one’s mind, fantasy or just a hobby. For me, art is a passion which gives me something to show the world. There is more to art than just mixing oils and colours. Some come with a message while others tell a story. When you look keenly at a piece of art, you will get lost in it trying to figure out what it means. However, at times I just want to make something beautiful and unique. I design from the heart, ensuring that you get a stunning piece of art at your home or office. Inspiration comes from our surrounding. You stick to one place, and you will run out of ideas. Moving or travelling around present’s opportunities which are fascinating to learn such that, when I pick up a pen to sketch, the feeling is thrilling. Only then will you be able to create a stunning art or painting.

Have you seen how watercolours illuminate a piece of art? Graphic design happens to be a lot more fun especially if the project is meant to tell a story e.g. walking the dog. On a good day, you can work on more than one project as they are very consuming; along the way, you become part of the story, and before you know it, you are done. Being in school familiarised me with books, but art has always been a part of me. Mixing watercolours have a stimulating effect. The art gallery in my website displays some of my work. It’s always more than a job for me when I sit down with any art project. A majority think artwork involves a lot of processes, but it’s simple if you know what you are doing. In fact, commitment is all one needs, and the rest will flow.

Art has been there since the old ages. Today, it is becoming more and more digital. There are numerous software and applications one can use to design something unique. However, for the artist, there is something about bending on a paper and sketching an image you came across while travelling or something that is in your mind. Blending colours on a wet paper is not the same as using software. It keeps your hands a bit busy while your mind is at work. Photography is no different as well, in fact capturing moments exactly as they are beautiful. Art is everywhere; you just need to recognise the perfect one.

Art Commissions

Buy contemporary art online, if you like any of my artwork and would like to commission me to design you a picture please go here.

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